It only happens in ROMANIA!

...and some other Eastern European countries!

Traffic jam in Bucharest, Romania!

Red car made sandwich!
Oops, I forgot I'm not driving my bike today!
The sedan it's not a match for a tram!
Pick a title!

Red car made sandwich.

Condominium addition!

I finally got my homeowner association to approve my condo extension!
My architect recommended to go with the castle theme!
I'm truly happy, all my neighbors are so jealous now!

Only in Romania!

Condo addition castle theme.

Amphibious carriage!

Is it a boat? Is it a carriage? Maybe a gondola?

No, it's the notorious "Amphibious carriage"!

Funny innovations in transportation.

Redneck wedding in Romania!

You know you're EASTERN EUROPEAN REDNECK when you're using a combine instead of a limousine at your wedding!

You got to admit, that's original!

Original wedding transportation

Dirty van street art!

No need to spend money on a car wash anymore!

I got inventive!

Dirty van art!

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